Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Which Our Author Ponders the Nature of Identity

Aw man, this is actually a pretty cool topic. You know what would make it even better? If I wasn't half goddamn asleep. EXHALE HEAVILY. But I guess here I go. Identity...


What is it? Well, it is certainly a topic upon which I have blogged extensively. But what is it's nature? What does it mean to have an identity? I guess it's something about a thing which is preserved over time. An identity is something that a thing reliably has. But that's not always true, is it? Identities change over time, and sometimes in moments. For example, my blog used to have an identity associated with quality. Now? Not so much.  Now it's more like "Things: Crazy? Conclusively yes."

In Which Our Author Tells Everyone What He Does Well

So this post is supposed to be a how-to on something I do well. I do a lot of things well, but none of them are very hard. Probably the thing I do the best is be Joe Flores. That is sometimes hard, I guess. Um, how you be Joe Flores.... born on February 12th, 1989 to Richard and Janet. Make sure you are born with pneumonia. If you are not, try again. Step two is you try your best to grow up. That's the tricky part. Honestly I'm still on that part. If you get past it, let me know.

In Which Our Author Relates the Story of the Fifteenth Picture on Facebook

That would be this:

It's a picture of me and Katie, mentioned in a previous post. This was taken in my house while we were playing a game called Balloon Cup. That's a fun game that Katie owns and I used to always win but now I sometimes lose. Her face looks a lot smaller than mine in this picture, but in real life our faces are pretty much the same size.